Taken at one of Mid-State PA's
most legendary haunted sites -
The Moonshine Church and
Cemetery, near Fort Indiantown
Gap, where Fred Raber, victim of
the "Blue-Eyed Six" is buried.  
The photographer claims the
circled child was not there that
night and that when it was
shown to the others in the pic,
they confirmed this as well.  A
close examination suggests this
may be an apparition:  Although
in a position that would be no
further distant from the camera
than the other figures (note the
feet) it is much fainter. At a
investigation here a few years
ago, a CGF member recorded
clear EVP of a young child's
voice near where this photo was
Taken at the US Hotel in 2002, this photo illustrates the value of
duplicity in authenticating anomalous photos.  "Orbs", as we have
learned over the years, are too suspect to be considered paranormal in
nature without correlating evidence.  In this case, the anomaly was
captured by both my (JDW) still digital camera and the camcorder held
by Ed Dubil Sr.  Ed had alerted us by saying he had one in the
viewfinder and from the far doorway, I took this shot.  His video of the
anomaly suggested it was closer to my side of the room and was
moving slowly but steadily and horizontal.  Additional correlating
evidence of the activity in this room that night came from my Tri-Field
meter, which was set up here and sounded several times when no
humans were present, suggesting moving EM fields were present. This  
second floor room is one of the most active in this historic and haunted
hotel in Hollidaysburg, near Altoona.  Kelly and I have visited here
several times in association with the Allegheny Mountain
Ghosthunters, and on this occaision, it was part of a bus trip
co-sponsored by Kelly and the AMG.  Ironically, Hollidaysburg is the
birthplace of Cecil Downing, the noted dowser and Kelly's great uncle,
who passed on the day after we returned from this trip.
Look at the HUNDREDS of spirits in this photo!
OK, anyone who has been doing this for a while
will note the proliferation of DUST PARTICLES
in this image!  I even admit there were times we --
and lots of other ghosthunters -- once believed
there was something to these "cluster" shots.
(This was before we understood how the
proximity of a built in flash to the lens in most
early digital cameras illuminated these particles)
There is something very curious about this pic,
though, which was taken as Kelly was leading a
group through the haunted Sickman's Mill
(Lancaster Co) during a "Camping with Spirits"
weekend in 2001. Kelly had mentioned she "felt"
that "someone" was following the group and asked
me to take some photos. I took one shortly before
this, and got a few stray dust particles. I then took
this one, and although no one had moved, there
was a considerable amount of dust stirred up.  I
then noticed the "streak" anomaly which looks
like a comet just in front of Kelly. Could this fast
moving object be what stirred up all the dust?
While camping at Little Buffalo State Park in
2001, Kelly and I went to dinner at the nearby
Newport Hotel. "Feeling" it was haunted, she
asked our waitress about any paranormal activity
and we were later given an impromptu tour  by
the owner.  Not expecting to go ghosthunting on
this weekend, I had only my still camera, and in
the basement had taken a random shot seconds
before this that showed nothing. Kelly said "Take
another one, someone is behind me" and this is the
result.  An unexplained rush of cold air was felt at
the time of the photo, and though I searched the
surrounding area for any object that may have
passed in front of the lens, none could be found.  I
cannot say with certainy what caused this but
Kelly's statement and the cold I felt make a strong
point for it being truly paranormal in nature.