There are several items to be added to the Gettysburg portion of our
site from 08-09.  I hope to add these by the end of summer - JDW
North Carolina State Monument on July 3, 2009 - Several NC regiments, including
the brutally decimated 26th stepped out from this part of the Confederate line on the
afternoon of July 3, 1863.  Hundreds would soon suffer the same fate many of their
comrades did earlier in the battle.  I’ve always counted this striking sculpture one
of my favorites on the battlefield - it conveys the spirit of “the Old North Stateâ
€�, who accounted for 1 of every 4 ANV casualties at Gettysburg.  This IR photo
was one of several taken on a beautiful July afternoon/evening when 146 years prior,
the fields beyond were strewn with gore and echoed with the horrible cries of the

To me, there is no more haunting experience on the battlefield than being there
on the anniversary of the exact date and time of the war's greatest charge.  - JDW