This MAY be one of the more spectacular apparition photos ever taken, or it may turn out to be
explainable.  At this point, here is what we know
(this first part was written the day it was sent it to
me, 10/27/04):
It was taken by an MP at Carlisle Barracks approx a year ago, while on night duty and just recently shared
with SSP member Allen Campbell, who works at and is the author of a book on hauntings at the historic
Army post.  She had entered a guard hut and her camera accidently took a picture as she removed it from
her bag. The flash did not go off - the original is quite dark.   The MP recalled no unusual activity at the
time but told Allen she sometimes heard knocking and banging in the hut, as if someone were trying to get
her attention. She mentioned the sounds of pebbles hitting the hut for no reason.  Allen reports that the
"apparition", which appears to be a male Native American, is not familiar to anyone on post who has seen
it thus far.
Allen cautiously suggests that this photo may be "too good to be true" and I concur, but we must keep in
mind how rare apparition photos are.  I am not suggesting fakery, but such an image may be possible for a
highly skilled Photoshop user to replicate -- we must keep this in mind. It could also be a double exposure
- this can happen as a malfunction with digital cameras (and even be purposefully created with certain
models.) Close inspection reveals the facial image to be very "soft" and indeed transparent; the other
objects in the photo are much sharper, despite the limited light provided by exterior street lights.  The fact
that many of the reported hauntings at Carlisle Barracks involve Native American spirits from the Indian
School days make this something we really must closely investigate.
Update (11/4) I've had time to look over the image even more closely; here are some further comments: I
had hoped to visit the exact location during Allen's ghost walk on 10/29, but just that day we learned the
hut it was taken at had been removed.  Security considerations made Allen suggest a pre-approved visit
should be scheduled thru the MPs thus I was unable to see it then.  I've asked him to see about arranging
this in the future, where various instrument readings will be taken as will photos, video and audio.  I would
also like to get Kelly's "read" on the area.  Even with investigating the exact location and finding correlating
evidence of activity, it will be hard to truly authenticate this image.  Perhaps only capturing the same
"spirit" in another photo would confirm that is what it shows.
In my profession as an Art Director, I've used numerous types of photo editing software since its
inception and without going into a wealth of technical details, I simply do not believe this was an altered
image.  As to possibly being a "double exposure", as mentioned above it is possible, either by accident (or
with some digital cameras, intentional) but there are elements which suggest to me it is not:  A double
exposure, be it with a film or digital camera, will cause 2 images to appear on the same frame of film or
(in the case of digital) written to the same file.  Assuming we have the interior shot of the hut as one
exposure and the facial image as the other, where it the rest of the background with the facial image?  If it
were totally dark, this would obscure the brighter areas inside the hut, which are caused by streetlights;  I
see no evidence of this.
Here are excerpts from the MP's note to Allen, altered only to ensure anonymity:
"I don't really have an
answer or a response to many of the questions that may be asked. The only thing I can do it simply state
that I took the picture with my digital camera by accident and this showed up on it.  The camera is a
Casio Exilim EX-S2 2.0 Megapixels digital camera. I had it with me because it was in my bag from a trip
I took and I forgot to take it out before I went to work. I was pulling the camera out of my bag when it
went off. This showed up.
I didn't have to adjust any contrast/brightness to see the picture as it was clearly visibly on the lcd display
of the camera immediately after it went off. I didn't share it with anyone because I didn't really think
anything about it until __ (another sgt. who works with me) and I were talking about ghosts one night and
I sent him the picture.
Sorry I can't offer a better explanation. I'm not a ghost hunter (but it does interest me now). I will be
working the night of the ghost hunt so I won’t be able to go on that. If you have any questions you
can call me at ___."
Some lively debate has already ensued -- good points have been made for and against its authenticity.   
Allen has spoken to the MP who took the photo and feels she is sincere and genuine.  This, and her
position as a military law enforcement professional do have some merit in my opinion.  We may never be
able to fully prove this photo is or is not paranormal in nature, but at this point, I tend to lean toward the
"is" side.  - JDW (Does anyone have access to a Casio Exilim EX-S2 camera)
Update 11/09 - When Allen and I were
sharing the photo at our meeting last
night, Larry Arnold suggested that
inverting the image (above) also showed
a plausible Native apparition - this one
with warpaint.  This "dual image" in
some ways makes it more questionable,
yet I still have no real proof that this
photo is either fabricated or a genuine
apparition. - JDW