Founded in 1996 as the Capital Ghost Forum,
The SSP Explores Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, UFOs, Psychic
Phenomena & the Paranormal Realm in Mid-State PA
ABOUT S.S.P. - Formerly the Capital Ghost Forum, the Spirit Society of PA remains a non-profit interest group dedicated to exploring ghosts,
hauntings and other paranormal phenomenon.  We have expanded our scope to include a wide spectrum of "life after life" subjects.  We conduct
investigations of sites that are reported to be haunted, obtaining photographic, video, audio and other documentation using common-sense protocols
designed to ensure that natural events are not mistaken for evidence of the paranormal.  SSP was founded as the Capital Ghost Forum in 1996 by Kelly
Weaver, a psychic-medium who grew up in a haunted 19th Century home and her husband John, who relys on a variety of equipment to substantiate her
findings.  Unlike some groups, we recognize the contributions of
responsible intuitives (those who have demonstrated their talent and remain in control
of their emotions) and their ability to direct us to and even attract activity.  However, we are also committed to obtaining correlating evidence of the
validity of their observations through video, photo, audio, EM and thermal data.    
(Our investigation protocols are based on those established by Troy Taylor
and the
American Ghost Society, for which SSP Founder Kelly Weaver is a Regional Investigator)    

MEETINGS & ACTIVITIES - SSP's monthly meetings are open to the public; they are held at the New Cumberland Senior Citizens' Center on the second
Monday of each month at 7pm.  A $5 donation is requested to offset expenses, which include rental of our new meeting facility and print copies of our
monthly newsletter,
Apparitions.   Group members who have gained experience in  field investigations are assigned to small teams which represent the
SSP (as many sites are not conducive to large groups of people).  Several special events are held each year, including "History & Mystery" tours at
regional locations where hauntings have been reported.  Both those who want to activly investigate the paranormal or just discuss it in a forum setting
are welcome in our group.  

WHAT WE ASK - SSP supports a responsible approach to investigating the paranormal, and insists that members obey all posted regulations such as found
at cemeteries, battlefields and other public sites.  With EVP and other data offering more substantial evidence of the pararnomal than photos of
questionable anomalies ("orbs") we suggest that one need not wait until dark (and violate regulations).   With the Gettysburg Battlefield being a
frequent visit for many members we emphasize the recognition of this land as hallowed ground and are committed to battlefield preservation. We also
assure anyone who approaches us to investigate their home or business will have their name/location remain anonymous, if so desired.  We recognize
that the public perception of those who experience the paranormal is not always a positive one, and have at times even described ourselves as an
"AA for
people who have ghosts"
.  We are here to investigate, help and find answers, not to ridicule or sensationalize.  Please join us on our mission!  Click here
to view the SSP Code of Conduct
"Emma" the most active ghost of Alfred's
Victorian in Middletown PA joins the staff for a
group photo taken by Alfred's daughter Pamm,
now a co-owner of the award-winning restaurant.
Kelly & John have regularly hosted "Haunted
Dining" & other events there since the mid 1990s.  
Click on the photo for more info. on Alfred's and
to hear numerous EVPs.
Click here for the Dec. 08
SSP Newsletter that details our most recent (Nov
08) investigation at Alfred's.
Kelly L. Weaver, Founder
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the
mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.
Albert Einstein
John D. Weaver, SSP
Co-Founder, MUFON F.I.
Exploring Death & Spirit
Communication with
Medium/SSP Founder Kelly
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presented by the Cumberland Co. Historical Society
Sorry, but as of Nov 2016, we are no longer holding monthly
meetings.  Thanks to everyone who has joined us on our
paranormal quest since 1996!
- Kelly and John Weaver
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